GEMA Director Charley English Should Step Down

Georgians Deserve Someone Who Takes Their Safety Seriously Sign petition to fire GEMA Director @Charley_English for his lack of concern for Georgians:  If no other Georgians will speak out, I will. If no one else will step up, I will. This supposed emergency management professional was totally nonchalant about an impending snow storm that […]

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Here Comes the Bus

Looks like the first victim of to be thrown under the proverbial bus for the fiasco that’s Snow Jam 2014 will be Charley English, the head of Georgia’s Emergency Management Agency (or GEMA). A short piece in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the Governor’s Chief of Staff began asking questions about Charley’s response to the impending […]

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Snow Jam 2014

My commute home Tuesday: 9½ hours. I know that my travel home turned out to be less than some and more than others, but in the Atlanta landscape of excuses and ice, I can tell you that my travel might probably turn out to be around average. From this, I can tell you Gov. Nathan […]

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