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Extensive Digital Experience

Michael has lanuched over 500 websites including current versions of TenCateFabrics.com and ELMA.com.

Creative Thinker

Ability to take the vision of brands and extend it in ways to engage target audiences.

Product Relationships

Creates brand evangelists within an organization, with partner organizations and with the target audience to make the result a remarkable engagement.

Advertising Integration

Coordinates campaigns that perfectly executes and engages the story of a brand at all levels.

Social Media Marketing

Pioneering methods to engage customers, end users and more in businesses that do not easily engage on social media platforms.

Experiential & Events

Any events can turn into a experience in Michael's deft hands to create buzz and excitement to remember.


Zombies & Aliens Capture the Imagination of the Target Audience

Expressing the danger that protective fabrics can confront without appearing to be tragic seems almost impossible until a little movie magic like zombies and aliens add into the mix.

Cannes Lion Awards Finalist

Put six elephants, three camels and a black rhino on carpet for three weeks live on the web and what to you get? Sales of more than 50 million yards of carpet and a social media blockbuster.

Trading Cards, Children's Book, T-Shirts & Experiential Marketing

The rhinoceros came to embody firefighters and the tough exterior of the protective fabrics worn to fight fires. This multifaceted campaign quickly became extremely recognizable by firefighters and successfully associated with TenCate Protective Fabrics.

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About Me

Michael Cheek creates some of today’s most innovative and creative strategies to develop new and enhance existing brands. Whether it’s business-to-business, business-to-consumer or something in between, Michael builds compelling and engaging stories to boost sales momentum to add customers today and embed the brand for success in the future. With a true tactical insight into how his strategies will translate into tomorrow’s dollars, Michael generates dynamic, attention-grabbing campaigns unlike anyone else in your marketplace.


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what people say

"Michael is one of those professionals that you rarely run into. I think he is probably the eighth Wonder in terms of marketing. This guy knows his stuff. He came into our organization and implemented marketing initiatives that put our company in the limelight, increased our brand awareness and gave us a competitive advantage. As I go out in the field to meet with prospective end users, he makes sure that our team has all the support we need. His way of telling a story draws you in and somehow he has managed to incorporate that within our organization's marketing approach."

by Blake Thomas, Business Development/Industrial Specialist at TenCate Protective Fabrics

"Michael comes at the world of marketing with two unique skills -- strategic thinking and creativity. Both critical to success, they typically don't reside in the same person. Yet Michael excels in both, making him particularly effective."

by Jake McKenzie, CEO at Intermark Group

"Michael has an extraordinarily brilliant marketing mind and appreciation for the importance of data to tailor the message. He is an in-depth storyteller that includes the smallest of details like an Ernest Hemingway novel so the entire picture can be visualized and consumed at every level."

by Mike Allen, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing at GreenFields USA (former Senior Director of Marketing at TenCate Protective Fabrics)

"Michael is a pleasure to work with. His attention to global branding and marketing standards as applied to digital and interactive applications renders tactics which can be actioned on. In addition to overall strategy his value is also in the details; being able to constructively and concisely convey the importance of low level system settings to his stakeholders ensures that every aspect of the solution is considered and vetted against business requirements. His value is clear from even cursory conversations and builds as the dialogue deepens."

by Jason Fields, Senior Vice President, Strategy at Agency Oasis

"My time working with Michael was marked by innovation. His focus was centered on creating forward thinking web based and physical marketing strategies to create tangible benefit to the customer."

by Chip Wade, Host/Designer/Contractor for HGTV

"Michael is a visionary. His ability to help bring ideas to life is unprecedented."

by Kyle Tallman - Super Chief

"Michael took the time to understand my business and help me navigate...the perilous waters of maintaining a business website. He encouraged me that I could do it and inspired me to do it. Michael's great attitude and enjoyable demeanor has made it a pleasure."

by Doug McCool, Owner at McCool's Flooring

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