In the Beginning…

The campaign begins. It’s not launching with some sort of bang or even a thud. Quite deliberately, it begins just as a trickle. Over the next few months, a story will be told. It’s not the only story, but it’s the first one. As I explained in my last entry, I am a storyteller. This campaign is […]

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And Now for Something Completely Different

I am not what anyone would call a traditionalist. Some people enjoy the term “out of a box” thinker. I call bullshit on that overused term. Someone once said to me, “I’d call you out of the box, but I don’t think you know where the fucking box is.” So there’s that. Then there’s “thought […]

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100% of Marketers Rely on Statistics

(And I asked only one) Recently, I ran across a compilation of some rather compelling statistics. While it wasn’t a BuzzFeed list, it proclaimed to be “99 Things a Marketing Professional Really Needs to Know in 2015″ or some stuff like that. I couldn’t resist. I started reading. And I took notes. But as a […]

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