I Have 2,000 Followers; Some of Them Are Human

Not a day goes by that my Twitter announces that I too can get 400 more followers a day or that I can earn $200 just from Twitter. And not a day goes by that I’m not invited to join the Mafia.

stop-the-bloodshedI’m thinking the Twitter Mafia isn’t all that effective if they’re asking me to join the family. But that’s more commentary on me rather than Twitter, which doesn’t know my proficiency with a gun.

I am becoming more convinced that being able to say, “I have 2,000 followers” means almost nothing. I’ve seen accounts with more than a million and I’m convinced that maybe perhaps as many as a half of them are commanded by a human. Another half of those are humans who might actually skim through the listings of the day. The remaining few might notice or eve, God-forbid, read tweets.

As web statistics and analytics emerged, numbers mattered. How long were visitors visiting? How many unique visitors are among the masses? How many bounced off the site within 10 seconds? But analytics got smart pretty early with tools to ignore the bots spidering through the site. And it’s not difficult to filter out your own company’s traffic.

What are  you left with? The beginnings of scrubbed data for actual analysis to take place. When it comes to how many Twitter followers I have, where do we begin the scrub. The young man who’s posting old Farmer’s Almanac quotes? The calls to earn more money from home? The invitations to virtually kill in service of a game’s pyramid scheme?

Twitter followers and — I’m believing to think Facebook’s friending process — do not have business interest in mind.

For executives, they love the charts and bar graphs and numbers. But I’m not so certain that those numbers actually represent real people — especially on Twitter. So how does one do analytics on such?

I’m marinating on that.

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