Love at My Fingertips

First of all, I did not line up Saturday morning. I tried to ignore April 3, the day that my fellow geeks stepped out into the sunlight and ventured out to wait for a chance to purchase the iPad.

I didn’t. I slept until almost 9.

But all day, my mind shifted around and I kept thinking about it being the day.

I had asked Randy for an iPad and he had listed it among the items that I might receive for my birthday a month hence, on May 1. I had expressed an extreme desire that it be the iPad.

Second of all, I did not leave the house with my destination being an Apple Store. In fact, I had not considered the fact that an Apple Store happened to be just along my route. So when I called on my return home, I informed Randy that I would be making a detour and admitted my destination.

“Oh, goodness,” was all Randy said.

Third of all, being that it was almost 5 p.m. the day of launch, I fully expected the Apple Store to be out. Two policemen were poised at the door to take down any geek too out of control with excitement.

I waited 15 minutes just to touch one.

Within a minute, I asked the fellow nerd in the blue shirt whether any were left.

“Oh yeah,” he uttered through the unkept beard. I imagined somewhere in that wiry mess was last night’s dinner. “I believe we have several left. You want one.”

Suddenly, my mouth became possessed by a demon.

“Oh yes.”

“Check in with that girl right over there and she’ll make sure you see the next specialist”

I was fifth in line. I called Randy. He didn’t even bother to say hello. “They have one, don’t they?”

“Yes,” I said sheepishly. “Can I get my birthday present early?”

* * *

As the specialist handed me the box, opening plastic never seemed so much like birthday wrapping paper. I am a proud owner — and an early adopter — of the iPad technology.

I love it.

I am typing this entry on it now. It’s quick. It feels natural. As someone who types more than 80 words a minute, I don’t even notice the difference between it and a regular keyboard. Well, almost no difference. It’s small. Tiny. It’s fast. It’s not an iPod. It’s not an iPhone. It’s something completely different. You will sit and play with it for hours.

I am in love. Love is at my fingertips.

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