Stop Time Travel! End Daylight Savings Time

Let's split the difference and switch everything 30 minutes!

I am a one-man crusade.

Let's split the difference and switch everything 30 minutes!Last night at 1 a.m., it became 2 a.m. in much of the United States. Over the next few weeks, the rest of the world will propel ahead an hour as well in observance of this so-called “Daylight Savings Time.” Supposedly we save an hour of daylight.

By the way, everyone is changing at different times. I always found this interesting. Palestine will switch on March 26 this year. Israel will skip its hour on April 1. The two, locked in eternal conflict, can’t even agree with DST begins.

Japan, India and China are among the major industrialized nations that do not switch their clocks. Some parts of the world actually stopped observing what’s called “summer time” in Europe and elsewhere, including huge chunks of Asia and South America.

The [wiki search=”daylight savings time”]benefits and detractions[/wiki] and pointed out all over the web Ad nauseam, so I don’t need to do so. However, I do have a solution.

It’s 30 minutes.

I propose a world time of 30 minutes. Everyone shift their clocks 30 minutes and line up. We split the difference. It’s simple.


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