Reason #7: The Show Must Go On, Even with a Geek on Stage

Here’s the seventh of ten reasons why I should be hired as your next digital marketing executive. Yes, even you can put me on stage!

Multi-faceted educator and speaker who puts on a terrific show.

I do not have the charisma of Bill Clinton or Charlie Sheen. But I’m not the train wreck of Roseanne Barr singing the National Anthem either. Of course, those are opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m a terrific speech writer, I deliver them well and I can even speak without a script.

You can put me in the boardroom or the classroom. I’ve appeared on CNN (and lots of other television as the spokesperson for iDEFENSE) and the keynote during general sessions before thousands at conventions (for Mohawk).

In short, whether the communication is written or spoken word, I’ve got a knack for it. Somehow I pull it off and keep the audience engaged.

I know it’s unusual considering I am a geek, admittedly so. But we know many geeks who somehow succeed at speaking, namely Steve Jobs. I just always look for an opportunity to provide an angle of entertainment.

If you’d care to see me in action, here’s a recent video I directed (Vazda put it together for me). You can see me in action plus a little of my skills in video work.

[lightbox type=”youtube” title=”Brand New Day for Mohawk Flooring” youtube_id=”ZSmyzot5oR8″]
[button href=”” bg_color=”#4f762a” text_color=”#ffffff”]Brand New Day for Mohawk Flooring[/button]

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