Reason #2: Tweet It Out, Update Facebook, Blog About It… Michael Knows Social Media

I'm holding onto some of the best ideas...

Social media, really? Yes, really. If you ain’t got social media now, you’re going to be going no where pretty soon.

Social media expert with knowledge how to blend into overall marketing programs, campaigns and goals.

Social media isn’t the future. It’s the now. gets more traffic that, so if your company is spending more money on search engine optimization than on social media, guess what? Your company is behind the curve.

Time to catch up.

The good news is that digital marketing doesn’t mean it’s an either/or situation. Invest in both. And the key is blending, integration and bringing it all together.

Now here I am looking for a job, asking people to look at me for a digital marketing executive and I’m about to say something I shouldn’t.

Every marketing job should be digital.

Today’s world is digital. Segmenting digital off into its own separate space — in my humble opinion — misses the point of what’s happening with the rest of humanity. Digital is infiltrating everything else. And if marketing is smart, we’ll be right along with it.

The blog here contains many of my ideas about social media, many ways I think it works, how it can work better and how it can reach further, get more friends, followers and fans. How social media must be social, how consumers expect a little more out of companies engaging with them in the social spaces.

Just read more and you can see I’ve got ideas and experience worth investing in.

And wait until I share with you the things I don’t write about. As the photo above illustrates, I’m still holding onto some of the best ideas.


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With more than 20 years of communication experience, Michael Cheek offers solid marketing expertise, especially in the digital frontier. He currently resides in Georgia but he's open to relocate anywhere the opportunities take him. Learn more at You can follow him on Twitter at and see more about his professional experience at Reach him via e-mail at

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