Doomsday Countdown: Busts Follow Booms, Pops Follow Bubbles

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Narcissus, Zombies & the Lack of Humanity in Social Media

This is Part One of a Multi-Part series.
Part One: Doomsday Countdown: Busts Follow Booms, Pops Follow Bubbles
Part Two: Lessons Learned from an Internet Bubble that Popped
Part Three: Narcissistic Myopia in Social Media: What I Have to Say Is So Important, I Can Ignore You
Part Four: Stop Typing and Start Reading: A Cure for Narcissistic Myopia in Social Media (NMSM)
Part Five: The Problem with Zombies: Twitter Overwhelmed by the Undead ‘Brain Eaters’
Part Six: Identifying the Zombies Among Us, Even When the Zombie Is Me (And What Do You Mean by ‘Brain Eaters’ Anyway)[/box]



The [wiki search=”doomsday_clock”]Doomsday Clock[/wiki] still exists, currently set four minutes to midnight. Yet it’s not a nuclear Armageddon I’m warning about. In the scheme of things, most Americans won’t find this scary at all. It remains a cautionary tale that we need to heed.

Political pundits — especially those on the left — love to recall it as portion of the Clinton prosperity. And yet, I remember it a little differently because like many of you, I lived through it a bit differently.

The so-called “Dot-Com Boom” and subsequent “Dot-Com Bust.”

At the time in Washington, D.C., I found myself at a secondary epicenter. With a stable job I enjoyed, I watched others abandon such to enter companies where money seemed to be pouring into their pockets. They advanced quickly. Their opportunities exploded too. And I watched single-digit percentile increases come my way.

So finally I leaped.

Leaving a job of almost six years, I jumped over to the Dot Com fantasy. And found the nightmare. Almost immediately, the paychecks became inconsistent. And while my salary increased, it turned out to be pure luck if I received that salary. In the seventh round of layoffs during the second bankruptcy, I finally stepped out the door.

Doomsday, my friends, is coming again. I don’t speak as a conspiracy theorist — all this comes from experience. A wave of social media companies, promises and “experts” emerge. Collectively, we are creating a bubble to pop, a boom to bust, an over-inflation that cannot be sustained.

Doomsday is coming.

Next: What We Can Do About Doomsday
Lessons Learned from an Internet Bubble that Popped

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