Social Media Advice for Country Superstar @BlakeShelton (Not that He Asked Or Knows Who I Am)

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Part One: Blake Shelton Shows Again How Controversy Boosts Twitter Followers; Violent Anti-Gay Tweet Earns Country Superstar 40,000 Extra with Possibly More to Come[/box]


Americans love to rubberneck, as pointed out before. Every city, country road or wherever I’ve traveled, Americans will slow down for a good look at carnage or drama or absolutely nothing-to-see on the side of the road. Perhaps that’s the justification for the proliferation of reality TV. Who knows?

Social media gives the everyday American access to that carnage, train wreck or drama. We each get a front-row seat to see the collapse, craziness or whatever. As explained earlier, Americans engage in social media on a spectrum of emotions, both positive and negative. While this matrix seems a little straightforward, it’s as messy as human emotion. What might seem as a curiosity can easily turn into an oddity.

With our recent social media controversies, most have been out of control or beyond anyone’s assistance. Being that Charlie Sheen’s veins flow with Tiger’s blood, he’s simply winning and needs no help, even from his own father and brother. Gilbert Gottfried just got fired and he got a boost (and it continues). GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons orchestrated his own controversy to drive users to his YouTube competitor platform,

Blake Shelton is different. The country music superstar stumbled — probably drunkenly — into this mess. In case you missed it, Blake rewrote one line of a Shania Twain song and tweeted how he’d gay-bash someone who touched his rear-end. Half-apologies and sarcastic remarks later, Blake also wasn’t exactly shown on national television as being Gay-supportive.

As a star and coach on NBC’s newest reality hit show, “The Voice,” Blake appears to put a Gay contestant up against a straight white-hat cowboy and choose the straight one while other judges on the show suggest the Gay singer was better.

While his publicists scramble to keep his redneck, Gay-hating, conservative base happy at the same time as save his television career with NBC, they walk a fine line.

Chances are, social media will probably get screwed in the process. What I mean by that is most crisis response still isn’t sure exactly how to handle these issues and allow the star to maintain himself online.

I believe there is a way to still engage the public online, maintain your current base and possibly actually increase it. As it turns out, I’ve actually been following @BlakeShelton for a while. His tweets can be legitimately funny. He’s obviously looking to move his career to the next step and this mistake could hinder him in socially liberal Hollywood. He doesn’t want to alienate his conservative base. Still, social media is a place where love or hate, you get followers. So the steps Blake makes will help.

Blake himself already made a couple of boo-boos. Mainly asking the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, to send him a “direct message” on Twitter when they can’t because Blake doesn’t follow them. So here’s my social media advice for Blake:[ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. Follow @GLAAD. First of all that’s how they can direct message you.
  2. Follow @NoH8Campaign. Even Cindy McCain and other conservatives have had their photos made by Adam Bouska. Tweet it out when the photo is made. Even have the photo made with your beautiful bride-to-be.
  3. Follow @TheFlyTy, Tyler Robinson, the young Gay Mormon you kicked off the show. Oh wait, it looks like you are. You added him in the last 24 hours. Good job.
  4. Go ahead and follow @APatrickThomas, the white-hat cowboy Patrick Thomas. In fact, while on the show, you should follow all your team members.
  5. Follow @TrevorProject and @ItGetsBetter. Then do a YouTube video for #ItGetsBetter and post it on your feed.
  6. Follow @Dolly_Parton. Dolly Parton a country music legend and has more than 1 million adoring fans in all camps. She might be able to give you a little advice.
  7. Follow @ChelseaHandler. I’m sure she won’t mind and you always get along with her when you appear on her show. Since Chelsea has almost 3½ million followers with a huge Gay base because she’s a prolific tweeter, it sure wouldn’t hurt.

[/ordered_list]Okay, so you probably don’t know what the NoH8 or It Gets Better campaigns are[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • NoH8 is about “no hate” but grew out of Proposition 8 in California to ban Gay marriage; now more than 12,300 people have posed for photos, a lot of them straight. The photos are terrific, if I may say so. You will get a chunk of new followers from it and a bit of media attention for you and Miranda Lambert.
  • The Trevor Project and It Gets Better are attempting to end suicide among Gay and Lesbian youths who are bullied and kill themselves at a disproportionate rate. There are literally thousands of “It Gets Better” videos out there and, again, from a social media standpoint, you can win with this. Miranda Lambert can join in. Make it short and sweet.


Actions matter. These are good actions for you in social media. And everywhere else, continue your redneck ways. Hate PETA; go hunting and fishing. Drink hard. And for goodness sake, keep tweeting drunk. That’s the best part of following you. Just don’t rewrite anymore songs.

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