Twitter: Top 10 Reasons I Won’t Follow You & Top 10 Reasons I Will Follow You

Through @DanielSharkov on Twitter, I discovered a great blog entry by Brankica Underwood titled, “30 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter” at the blog Site Sketch 101. Now Brankica actually writes her own blog, How to Blog Like a , at

It got me thinking both why I follow and why I don’t. So, with a nod to Brankica (who it turns out is also in Georgia… Howdy Neighbor)… Here’s my current justifications for clicking the  Follow button in Twitter or just skipping it.


Top 10 Reasons I Won’t Follow You

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  1. You’re in a bathing suit or inappropriately naked in your avatar. Now here’s the thing, people who meet my “Top 10 Reasons I Will Follow You” might also be a supermodel or bodybuilder or triathlete or have the latest vacation photo from your snorkeling  with manta rays off the Grand Cayman Island.
  2. You’re an egg and I don’t know you. An “egg” is the default avatar photo in Twitter.
  3. You lack a bio and I don’t know you. I like to have a sense of who you are unless I’ve encountered you elsewhere, such as LinkedIn or real life. Still, a bio is simple enough to create.
  4. You don’t look human or you are Undead. I don’t mind following companies but I sure as heck prefer companies where a human tweets. If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing against Zombies, the Undead online. I am sick of reading my Twitter feed to find no human interaction. Maybe it’s because I work from home more often or maybe it’s because I actually believe social media requires social interaction but come on, let’s get it on.
  5. You’re too political. If I’m confronted with Palin-loving, Obama-hating, Tea Party bashing or anything such other than appropriate analysis from a marketing standpoint, I’m going for the center square to block, Wink.
  6. You’re too religious. It goes right along with the politics. Faith is something deeply personal and everyone has a right to it. As Mama used to say, you don’t talk politics, religion or money with people, so that brings us to the next two.
  7. You want money. I’m looking for a job; you are so barking up the wrong tree.
  8. You promise quick money. I hang up on those phone calls, delete those e-mails and ignore any such promises as well.
  9. You call me or others a name except in jest. I love a good debate, discussion or, if we must call it so, argument. Name-calling is the last refuge of the intellectually bankrupt or the out-argued or just simply an idiot (that last, my friends, was a pun).
  10. You’ve got the “NOT” factor: You are somewhere I am not (and very localized), you are focused on something I am not interested in, you are not in my industry, you are not someone I know, you are not real, you are not interesting, you are not tweeting, you have not tweeted lately, or you are not tweeting in English.


Top 10 Reasons I Will Follow You

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  1. You are someone I know. Easiest way for me to follow, whether it’s real life or online life.
  2. You are someone I want to know. Maybe even easier for me to follow, but the truth is I’m not unrealistic. I’ve never actually met a President of the United States — former or current. Yet, I’m not following any of them on Twitter because I have no delusions that they’re going to be interested in meeting me. I’m pretty pragmatic that way.
  3. You claim to know something about social media, digital marketing, marketing, etc. Whether or not you’re the expert, guru, professional or whatever modifier you stick after those terms, I’ll decide that later on. But I’ll follow on to see if you do have something interesting to say or you might spark an idea for me.
  4. You are at a company with which I’m interested in working. Whether you’re the CEO or an intern, it’s just an opportunity to network and gain a little insight.
  5. You’ve written something interesting. Hi Brankica @LiveUrLove! You wrote something interesting and here I am.
  6. Your avatar intrigues me. Some avatars just do that. It might be the artistic value or the look on someone’s face.
  7. Someone I respect recommends you on Follow Friday. If you’re not up on Twitterspeak, Follow Fridays or #FF occurs every Friday. People will tweet a recommended list of those whom they feel their followers should also follow.
  8. You retweeted me, engaged in a conversation with me or something as simple as followed me. Now, I don’t follow everyone who follows me, but it sure helps. But offering up support through a retweet (also abbreviated “RT”) or commenting on something I tweet, then we’ve got something going. I’ll follow quicker than a Junebug on a Mississippi windshield.
  9. You’re a brand of fascination. Brand tweeting is tough and I find it fascinating, whether that brand is a bad-ass country music star, a badly acted commercialbrightly colored nails, an off-color comedian, a favorite soda pop, a pop music star, someone killing himself or someone just killing. More often than not, I’m watching for controversy rather than success.
  10. I hope you’ll read me.. and my blog. I am brilliant. And I’m humble. We all think a lot of ourselves highly, but as I’ve written about, this world is full of so-called “experts” in social media. Eventually, the separation of  the proverbial wheat from the chaff and I believe those of us truly talented will emerge.


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