Social Media and the Election: It’s All About the Photo

It’s not that long until some Americans exercise their civil rights and vote. Campaigns have long used the Internet to mobilize the left and right bases as well as attempt to influence the increasingly dwindling independents. This quadrennial cycle brings us the onslaught of what I’d call the “Instagram Influence.”

Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s forces work overtime producing little images easily shared, forwarded and texted. It’s not words; it’s images.

Today’s images:


Interesting they’re both quotes, huh?

As each campaign produces more and more of these, each is tweeted, shared on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest and even occasionally someone will send one to me via MMS — especially if it’s a little funny.

Of course campaigns are taking advantage of everything else, as per usual. But this season introduces a new approach where it’s not the words as much as how those words appear within an image.

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