A New Resume Showing Everything in Time

Michael Cheek, Timeline Resume, Page One

My resumes have highlighted my skills. I really like that since my skills are largely what provides the big selling point for what I do. Those skills really do not sit in one place or another. They transcend every position and one set builds upon another.

While many people have said incredible nice things about my skills-focused resume, a few have asked for the traditional job from most recent to distant past with detailed notes on what I did at each job.

For all I try, I cannot create a boring resume.

I am in marketing and what kind of marketer would I be if I did not market myself. When I market, I do not subtly do so. I feel a resume may be my only opportunity. One must scream qualifications and beg for attention, engage a reader by grabbing by the collar and not letting go.

Therefore, my timeline-based resume is not boring and black-and-white. It’s quite bold.

I’ve added much more detail. The more generic skill set information is gone, replaced by specific examples.

Let’s hope it gets a little attention.


Michael Cheek, Timeline Resume, Page One

Michael Cheek, Timeline Resume, Page Two

Michael Cheek, Timeline Resume, Page Three

Michael Cheek, Timeline Resume, Page Four

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Michael Cheek

With more than 20 years of communication experience, Michael Cheek offers solid marketing expertise, especially in the digital frontier. He currently resides in Georgia but he's open to relocate anywhere the opportunities take him. Learn more at http://MichaelCheek.com. You can follow him on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/MichaelCheek and see more about his professional experience at http://LinkedIn.com/in/MichaelCheek. Reach him via e-mail at mcheek@gmail.com.

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