My new timeline resume and Skittles…

What does my new timeline resume and Skittles (the candy) have in common?

You can taste the rainbow!

Seriously, it’s just too colorful, or at least that’s part of the feedback. While many people absolutely love the approach of the graphical appearance, a lot of people thought a different color for every different item was just a little too much. While I want attention for what I did, this resume just screamed annoyingly.

The other feedback that I heard: Too long.

Several suggested that everything prior to the past decade — meaning about half my career — needed to just drop off.

I didn’t disagree. However, my approach to marketing would suffer with this. As I have explained on this blog and told many people, I believe that the best marketing begins with a solid foundation in communication. In essence, one must convey a very simple message whether it’s, “click here” or “buy me.” This is even more important through the complexities of digital marketing.

Today’s digital messaging can get caught up in hashtag, click-this-link slash-dot then click this, enter this keyword here, don’t forget to like or follow, you’re signing up for our text messaging fees apply, etc.

The madness can be overwhelming.

Digital marketing must boil down to this human is communicating with that human and the conduit just happens to be a digital pipeline.

Anyway, I took the constructive feedback to heart and performed a little magic to see if my resume could get a little smaller. Please take a look at this one and see what you think of it now.

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