Marketing Enters a New Age

Celebrity doesn’t last. In today’s world of reality television stardom — some earning stature from a place of practical hatred — the celebrity earned the “15 minutes of fame” stretched out as long as people dare.

With the celebrity comes the need for social media and that leaks ever so deftly into marketing. More so, the marketing minds today grab hold of these temporary trends that captures the fickle senses of the masses and ride it until the horse dies.

Prancercise-LadyI couldn’t tell you the brand, but some pistachios nut brand has the prancing dancing workout lady from YouTube who loves working out like a horse.

This zeitgeist moment inspired by Chelsea Handler’s late night talk show or Daniel Tosh’s equally toast-worthy show where it’s some interns job to listen to the original man who scours YouTube for the most bizarre and incredibly hilarious videos worthy of ridicule on the planet: Timothy Henson and “Distorted View Daily.”

His daily podcasts provide more fodder for these foolish television bits than they can seemingly find on their own. Just last week, Tosh.0 finally featured the Fatman drinking a bowl of gravy. Timothy hosted the Fatman doing that and a dozen other bizarro acts for years.

And Timothy’s show includes a long-running bit that Florida is our most “pɘʞɔɲɟ up” state. Chelsea Lately just ran with something on those lines lately.

But I digress.

The micro-campaign is here. A significantly shortened duration — hell, just a blip — meant to ride the coattails of some other trend that’s got the imagination of America.

Obviously, this earned some fodder from the refined use of the political marketing and the daily messaging. Republicans have been using this mantra for literally years and allowed this effort to drive their advertising.

It worked.

Borrowing a page from the Republicans, some agencies are now watching what captures the American imagination and jumps on the wave (albeit, a little late), hoping to ride it a little while longer.

At least these poor folks whose whole lives are turned upside-down by the hilarity might make a bit of scrap out of their 15 seconds of fame.

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