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Storytelling is a first love for me. I discovered it in sixth grade. Coincidentally, it was a poem, not prose, that sprang forth almost 37 years ago.

I’d not yet discovered that weaving a tale could become the vocation or even a calling until later, when my Mother would lament: “Oh Michael, don’t give up your science.”

Alas, whatever her misplaced ambitions for me to become a doctor, a geneticist or the proverbial rocket scientist would not come to fruition. Even my own SATs with extraordinary high math and adequate language scores couldn’t keep me away from the written word.

In recent years, my own disappointment in my career path led me to practically abandon what might have been a potentially prosperous home of my own thoughts and strategies in marketing.

I find myself returning here. Not out of necessity, as I once wrote in hopes that someone might encounter me and discover the brilliance I foster in raw form. That, I know, is yet another pipe dream that doesn’t exist.

It is more about returning to the gym and exercising a muscle.

Marketing strategy requires some forethought and, one must be present on the battlefield.

Now if any of my competitors have the savvy (which I sincerely doubt) to check this out, kudos to you, but this blog isn’t that kind of place. No secrets of any kind will be divulged (at least before their time). In fact, I might just write about campaigns here and store well before launching with the timing for it to appear after the premier.

More often than not, I’ll bounce around a few other places. I might even consider topics outside marketing and social media.

So here we go again. I’m back.

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