GEMA Director Charley English Should Step Down

Georgians Deserve Someone Who Takes Their Safety Seriously

Sign petition to fire GEMA Director @Charley_English for his lack of concern for Georgians: 

If no other Georgians will speak out, I will. If no one else will step up, I will.

This supposed emergency management professional was totally nonchalant about an impending snow storm that was going to hit Georgia. Even if the forecast was supposed to be farther south, he is the statewide director, not just Atlanta.

No apology is enough. His lack of concern shows that he lacks concern for all Georgians.

Governor Nathan Deal needs to ask for his resignation and, if he will not give it, Gov. Deal needs to fire him.

Charley English shouldn’t be the only firing

GDOT Commissioner Keith Golden
GDOT Commissioner Keith Golden

If I had my choice, the head of Georgia Department of Transportation, Commissioner Keith Golden, would also step down. I saw one salt truck in 9.5 hours. Thing is, I spent 6 hours at I-285 and I-75, then another 3 hours at exit 253 off I-75. The rest of my drive was smooth sailing except for driving on untreated roads.

Had Mr. Golden traveled south on the northbound lanes from any exit north of exit 253, he could have begun clearing the traffic jams.

This isn’t a lust for blood

I’m not in the crowd just wanting a head for what I suffered. I have waited a week and watched the news. I have learned where some of the true incompetence came from. It wasn’t the weather forecasters. And while the Governor is responsible (and he might discover how I feel when his election comes up), it has a lot to do with the people around our state’s chief executive.

Charley English should know the weather is dangerous. I watch the evening news. There isn’t a week that doesn’t go by without a wildfire, a flood, a tornado, a hurricane, a winter storm, a drought or something else that cost people lives and property somewhere in the United States.

But for Mr. English, Mother Nature is a bitch he can ignore.

Now it’s time for Mr. English to get schooled. His years of experience is just years of complacency. And the Governor needs someone who will be alert and concerned for the safety of Georgians. Not after they’ve landed in hot water but before.

Sign petition to fire GEMA Director @Charley_English for his lack of concern for Georgians: 

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