100% of Marketers Rely on Statistics

(And I asked only one)

Recently, I ran across a compilation of some rather compelling statistics. While it wasn’t a BuzzFeed list, it proclaimed to be “99 Things a Marketing Professional Really Needs to Know in 2015” or some stuff like that.

I couldn’t resist.

I started reading. And I took notes.

But as a former journalist (and a undergraduate history major), I wanted the source material for some of these rather compelling stats.

Good news, the piece linked to the source. So I clicked it. And I ended up on another list.

“25 Important Issues Facing Marketing in 2014” or something like that. The shared slideshow ended up with a bunch of cited resources that linked back to even more sources.

And back I went.

It turned out in a few cases, the stats came from some advertising agency trying to sell its services and, the stats it seems, supported the claims of that agency.

But more interestingly than not, the information dated back and back to 2012, 2011, 2009…

So much for it to be something I needed to know in 2015.

This recent urging toward listing everything in top 10, fabulous five, sexy six, fit 40 or some other adjective and a number seems like less of a trend and more of a cultural shift toward simplification.

Make it easy for everyone to understand so no one comes away with a doubt about it.

After all, four out of five dentists agree… choosy Mothers choose swiftly.

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