In the Beginning…

The campaign begins. It’s not launching with some sort of bang or even a thud. Quite deliberately, it begins just as a trickle.

Over the next few months, a story will be told. It’s not the only story, but it’s the first one.

As I explained in my last entry, I am a storyteller. This campaign is just that: A story. And more.

Smaller pieces drop targeting a particular audience in vignettes with supplementing memes, each optimized for particular social media platforms but most are posted across the more liberal ones.

For example, Vine takes only 6-second videos. But the 6-second video can appear on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

We’ve also launched a website at

There’s also a lot going on with the company’s Facebook page, where research shows most of our audience use social media.

As the campaign picks up steam, I’ll share more about what’s going to happen.

For now, enjoy the journey.

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Michael Cheek

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