Engage Your Target Audience

Many people will think marketing is simple. Too often in B2B2C marketing,the sales force and executive (along with others) will say something along these lines: “Just explain how great our products are and people will buy them.”

This “build it and they will come” attitude only happens in the movies — and back when Baby Boomers were the primary decision makers. Baby Boomers appreciated the details and research.

Today’s mobile world of smart phones, overnight delivery, drive-thru dinners and on-demand entertainment means the new majority of Generation X decision makers prefer answers in an instant. GenX isn’t patient to set up a grid of pros and cons then weigh the results. Shortcuts are required.

Reaching an audience with any branding effort requires the three steps:

Because the target audience is usually one step removed in B2B2C, excitement is vital (as explored in “Excite Your Target Audience”  and “How to Excite a Target Audience”).

Sometimes generating excitement and engaging can occur close together — even at the same moments. For example, serving up an ad that causes someone to click to watch a video. The ad causes the “excitement” followed by the click as a form of “engagement.”

Good engagement is ongoing. It doesn’t happen once. It’s a constant process that continues to pull a customer or potential customer closer and closer.

The next few pieces, I’ll explore effective ways to excite and engage.

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