Talk Dirty to Your Market: Sex Adviser Dan Savage Tells Us How

My long commute on Atlanta’s interstates everyday precipitates listening needs and podcasts fulfill a majority of the time. One of my favorites is the hugely popular weekly sex advice (and usual progressive rant) from controversial and compelling podcaster, author and semi-celebrity Dan Savage.

You might be asking at this point how I’m about to relate Dan Savage to marketing. We all know that sex sells, but Dan’s weekly dose of very blunt and overly explicit sex and relationship advice isn’t something anyone would necessarily consider fodder for marketing.

But one just has to listen to Dan discuss with people how to talk dirty.

Spicing up sex lives with dirty talk, some people express difficulty at speaking as if they’re in porn. Dan’s advice is simple:

  1. Tell your partner what you’re going to do.
    (e.g. I’m going to f*#& the s#!% out of you.)
  2. Tell your partner what you’re doing.
    (e.g. I’m f*#&ing the s#!% out of you.)
  3. Tell your partner what you’ve done.
    (e.g. I’m f*#&ed the s#!% out of you.)

I’ve been discussing how to excite and engage your target audience — sexual connotations are pretty on the nose.

Dan’s advice on dirty talk also applies to marketing:

  1. Tell your market what you’re going to do.
    (e.g. The company is going to have a promotion, introduce a new product, have a sale, update branding, launch a new website, etc.)
  2. Tell your market what you’re doing.
    (e.g. The company is having a promotion, introducing a new product, having a sale, updating branding, launching a new website, etc.)
  3. Tell your market what you’ve done.
    (e.g. The company had a promotion, introduced a new product, had a sale, updated branding, launched a new website, etc.)

The result is a much more effective campaign. If you restrict your activity to just the campaign, you end up with loveless result. Similar to sex without foreplay and the post-coital snuggling afterward.

Show your market some love and you’ll end up with a much more fulfilling that, overtime, will grow to be a beneficial long-term relationship.

Learn more about Dan Savage by following him on Twitter at @FakeDanSavage, his sex advice column at The Stranger and his podcast, the Savage Lovecast

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